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  • Improves blood circulation, relieve fatigue, massage and relax
  • Massages while you walk¬†with¬†shock absorption¬†
  • Helps relax Lumbar Muscles
  • Relieve bloating
  • Helps promote¬†WEIGHT LOSS
  • Thenar massage
  • Orthotic insole
  • Reduces muscular aches and pains
  • Eliminates foot odors
  • Massage feet¬†according to the acupoints magnetic designed
  • Deodorant, sweat proof, breathable
  • Turns all footwear into massage footwear
  • Adjustable, you could cut the insoles according to your feet size
  • Effective, comfortable and¬†durable

A foot massage is the single most relaxing and enjoyable service to pamper yourself with ‚Äď it‚Äôs believed to be equivalent to a full body massage. This is because there are over 200,000 nerve endings per sole that each corresponds to an area of your body.

Massaging of the foot, or reflexology (also known as zone therapy), is an ancient practice that originated from China but can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians. This practice has been a welcomed complementary therapy method for many patients suffering from pain since as early as the 1930s.

This practice is based on how one part of your body relates to another part of your body. Pressure points on the sole of your foot link with different parts of your body, and by stimulating precise points, you can relieve strain, reduce pain, improve blood circulation, and boost energy levels. Experience A Reflexology Treatment On The Go with Gel Pads Foot Relaxation Magnetized Acupressure Insoles.

Gel Pads Foot Relaxation is designed for your feet to bring balance, harmony, and pain reduction. It comes with 400 precisely-placed acupoints per insole to target key areas and encourage pain relief throughout your entire body. Massage your feet with 12 large acupoints that target your foot’s arch and your body’s core, 120 medium acupoints that stimulate your core reflex points to reduce stress, relax the body, and relieve a backache, and 270 micro acupoints to increase blood circulation.



This is your center chakra and is one of the most powerful points in foot reflexology. The solar plexus is clustered network of nerves that is highly affected by stress. By stimulating and releasing this vital reflex point on the upper pad of your sole, it has been known to decrease stress as well as increase the body's tolerance for stress.



On the physical body this reflex is your waistline and involves your small and large intestines. The reflex point can be found at the center of your core arch and is responsible for your digestion. Stimulating this acupoint will help you absorb more nutrients within your small intestine, promote healthy bacteria in your large intestine and relieve bloating. 



Your adrenal gland releases hormone called adrenaline and noradrenaline. Responsible for your "fight or flight" response, this reflex point is located at your foot's core arch. By stimulating this acupoint, you'll find that it encourages a boost in energy and indurance, helping you burn more calories and feel more alert.


How will the insoles fit in my shoes?

Magnetic Therapy Slimming insoles are meant to fit any shoe. They have a trimmable guideline and are made from material that is easy to cut.

How do I clean my insoles?

It's easy to keep your Magnetic Therapy Slimming insoles fresh and clean! Clean them in lukewarm water and dish soap and let them air dry.

Can I wear them with any shoes?

Magnetic Therapy Slimming insoles can be worn with any shoe. Customize your insoles to fit any shoe size and any shoe shape with our pre-marked guidelines.

When will I feel the benefits of wearing massaging insoles?

Magnetic Therapy massaging insoles will start working right away! Feel your stress and pain fade away as the acupressure massage works to bring harmony and balance to your whole body.

Are they okay to wear when I work out?

Magnetic Therapy Slimming insoles are designed to be worn during any activity. Whether you are out for a casual stroll or hitting the gym for an intense workout, Magnetic Therapy massaging insoles will help give you the boost of energy you need. Designed with moisture-wicking technology Magnetic Therapy Slimming insoles are 100% breathable, perfect for warm days or hard workouts.

What Size are the Insoles?

Magnetic Therapy Slimming Insloes can fit men's shoe sizes 6 to 12 and ladies shoe sizes 7 to 12. It's easy to cut your Insoles to size! Just follow the marked guidelines on the insoles and cut to fit!

Are The Insoles For Men Or Women?

Magnetic Therapy Slimming Insoles are packed with benefits for both men and women! Just cut to fit your shoe size! Wear Magnetic Therapy Slimming Insoles in work boots, running shoes, and even heels! Magnetic Therapy Slimming Insoles work with any type of shoe.


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